About Us


We’re a software company of engineers and operators with global experience, committed to driving clean, smart growth for factories worldwide.

Safi is based in Nairobi, Kenya with deep roots in Silicon Valley.



We believe user experience matters—a lot. As does customer service. Our team is devoted to making sure customer experience with Safi is truly exceptional. In short, Safi just works.

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Truly Useful

Since Safi is cloud-based, entire teams can communicate quickly and seamlessly, driving results and allowing clear collaboration on a large scale. Our system is built to work modularly, with an understanding of the importance of working with what you have. Safi can make any factory smart overnight—regardless of the ages of the machines.

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Peace of Mind

We believe trust is paramount, so it’s important to us that our customers can believe what they see. From up-to-the-second accuracy to real-time alerts when something goes wrong; we want customers to rest assured that the right decisions are being made and nothing is happening without their knowledge. Problem-solving becomes simpler and eliminating waste has never been easier.

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Competitive Edge

In an environment where competitive pressure increases every day, but the challenges aren’t going away, Safi is dedicated to helping our customers win. Our advanced technology is not only the best, but is also constantly improving to help you get ahead of the competition and maintain your edge over the long term.




Safi provides tools to solve hard problems, stay in control, & maintain your competitive edge.



Get in touch with us at info@safi.ai